Ways to Improve Memory

3 Easy Ways to Improve Memory

If you’re looking for simple ways to improve memory, you’ve come to just the right spot! There are some basic, easy things you can do on a daily basis that will boost your powers of recall.

As you practice exercising your mind, read, and find creative ways to look at and interact with life, you will be able to improve your memory rather painlessly.

Brain Exercise

Did you know that your mind is actually a muscle? The more you work out, the stronger that muscle will become. There are a million and one different ways you can stretch and work this muscle – from memory boosting games such as Sudoku, to crossword or other word puzzles, to logic exercises.

You might create your own challenges to solve, or purchase books or other resources specifically designed for this purpose. Even a game of card playing with your family is a great way to improve your memory skills – try to remember what cards the other people at the table have drawn – you’ll get better with practice.

Some card games are more mentally challenging with others. I like to play Dutch Blitz with my learning students – you don’t take turns, which forces the brain to process more quickly and scan the card piles for the next move that can be taken. It’s both fun and a great way to improve memory!

By continuously requiring your mind to operate at top efficiency, it becomes stronger and creates new connectors between ideas and concepts. This allows you to remember more and will actually expand your capacity to learn and store more information.

When you challenge yourself – through new ways of doing tasks and working through puzzles – you will improve memory skills and increase your intelligence quotient at the same time!


It would amaze us to actually realize how profound reading can be in the exercise of our minds. Think about it – when you read, you pick up new words in your vocabulary, your brain imagines the settings in which certain events take place, you begin to think more creatively, and then as a bonus – you remember these skills for later use! So pick up your favorite author and begin to multiply the ways to improve memory - yours!

Reading is one of the greatest “improve memory tips” that there is. The very act of reading puts new ideas, words, phrases, expressions, cultures, and all types of other visuals at the tip of your tongue while also working to improve long-term memory areas of your brain.

Did you know that reading will improve both short-term memory and long-term memory? If your goal is to improve each aspect of your memory, then simply read!

The more variety and differing styles of writing you absorb, the better your memory will function. Simply exposing your mind to wide variety will expand the capacity of your brain in an amazing way!


Would you like to lie down to sleep at night and wake in the morning with a better memory? You can! Drift off to sleep while thinking about something inspirational or what you plan to accomplish tomorrow. Your brain will kick into gear and work on it while you are in dreamland.

Using your imagination, sketching and drawing, knitting, painting, being super observant – all of these are creative processes and are powerful ways to improve your memory. There are unlimited numbers of ways for you to be creative. It all helps!

Here’s how it works: When you are creating something, your brain is actively engaged in the activity. During this phase of “action”, your brain absorbs a lot of information and then stores it for you to use at a later time. This is why goofy stories, jokes, and acronyms can be a powerful tool for remembering. It gives your mind a “hook” on which to hang important (or simply useful) information.

Exercising your creativity is working out your mind muscle – flexing it and saving that strength for you to use in the future.

So you can see that simply by doing things each day that are easy and enjoyable, you can improve your memory skills. Pick up that daily crossword puzzle, fire up your Kindle, or doodle on a piece of paper during that boring meeting – you are actually increasing the ability of your brain to recall information.

So keep on doing what you’re already doing – with this new awareness. In fact, do more of it! The more you exercise your mind, read, and create things, the stronger your memory will be. These simple ways to improve memory will have your brain buzzing in firepower!