Dealing With Teenage Behavior Problems

Teenage behavior problems range in severity from yelling and slamming doors to skipping school, doing drugs and getting arrested. If you are the parent of a teenager acting out in these ways, you probably realize you need help and support.

Counseling, therapy and even programs like Scared Straight are designed primarily to help the teen by one method or another. Therapists focus on building a child’s self-esteem and similar issues. Other programs attempt to scare a child into compliance. But where does the parent fit in? What can be done on the home front to change the behavior?

You may have been told that your child needs more structure at home. But how do you learn to create and enforce that structure? You need tactics that you can easily put into place to ensure that your child listens and behaves appropriately.

Are You Walking On Eggshells?

If you are living in fear, walking around on eggshells or wondering when the next outburst is going to happen, your child likely needs support to deal with their threatening behavior.

In some cases, he or she may need additional counseling and/or medication. Conditions such as manic-depression and bipolar disorder may only be treated successfully with medical assistance. But there are also proven programs that can help parents to take the first steps towards bringing peace back to their home.

Is My Teen Normal?

Practically all teenagers will disagree with their parents at one time or another. It is as natural as the “terrible twos”. Throughout their childhood, kids test their parents’ limits and then test them again. It’s just harder to deal with when your child is eye to eye with you or even taller than you are.

When teenage behavior problems are causing problems in the home, the parents need to learn a system of dealing with it. What happens at school or in the counselor’s office is important. But, what happens at home is critical to success in the other arenas of life.

Scared Straight: A Review

Scared Straight came out in the late 1970s. The producers of the film tracked the results of those kids, who had all been convicted of petty theft, drunkenness or some other crime. They found that about 10% of them re-offended at some point in time.

Still, the Scared Straight program was considered successful and was used in many jurisdictions as an alternative to community service or probation. Follow up studies conducted by independent researchers challenged the success of the programs and even felt that they might lead to more serious criminal behavior.

As a parent, your best hope is to address teenage behavior problems before your kid is arrested or kicked out of school. Obviously, a Scared Straight program is not the right solution for you if your teen has not committed a major offense.

Please Give Me A Solution!

You can learn how to create structure. You can help your teen to learn a better approach to problem solving. Put an end to ceaseless arguments and teach your children to accept responsibility for their own behavior.

This program has been shown to be highly effective for children of all ages. Click below for a special limited time free offer, and take the first step towards ending those teenage behavior problems.

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