Techniques To Improve Memory

Flex Your Memory Muscle!

Looking for some Ninja techniques to improve memory? Just like the other muscles in your body, your memory needs consistent workouts to reach its potential and stay strong.

Think about the basics of any workout – and then apply this to your mind. First, you’ll need to warm up – then flex your memory muscle during your workout, and finally, cool down before finishing. Let’s take a trek through a wise workout process for your memory.

Memory Warm-up

Warming up before your memory workout is just as critical as it is in a regular workout. Trainers on top of their game understand how important that warm up space is to keep the muscles of the body limber and healthy. If you leave out the warming up process, a workout can actually do more harm than good. The object of the workout is to get your muscles adapted to the kind of movements you are about to make.

A good warm-up routine for your mind will help you to improve memory naturally and help you to increase your ability to recall bits of information and important details. If you peer closely at the lives of successful artists, well-known authors or great business minds, you’ll notice something they all have in common. Each one will have carved out some sort of mental routine with the purpose of getting them into a prime mental state to complete their work.

For a good brain workout, a warm-up might consist of some light reading, a brief period of writing, or some brainstorming to get the creative juices flowing.


This is where you begin to gain strength. As you push your mind towards its full potential, your memory can begin to take a huge leap forward.Just as with a physical workout, the idea is to garner a steady increase in strength by what is called “muscle confusion” – requiring hard work in different areas of function so that your capacity grows.When you require this type of discipline and training for your mind, you will begin to push past the boundaries of what you thought was possible and gain amazing strength of memory.These techniques to improve memory will work - if you work them!

Cool Down

Once your workout is finished, you’ll need to bring the level of your energy down at a steady pace. If you ignore the cool down process in a physical workout, the lactic acid will build up in your system and create problems for your muscles.Think about your mind in the same way. Thinking and focus burns a lot of calories and requires a lot of energy (believe it or not)! By continuing to push your mental limits without a break, you run the danger of facing mental fatigue or burnout.So give yourself the gift of a cool-down session. You can opt for some light or inspirational reading, a short nap, cooking or another hobby you enjoy, or even a evening out with friends is the equivalent of recharging your mental batteries.If you like sports, a football, soccer, or other game can do the trick. Choose something you like which is a change of pace for your cool down.To maximize your use of techniques to improve memory, simply follow this easy 3-step method for your upcoming brain workout: Warm it up. Work it out. Cool it down.Your brain is a terrible thing to waste – so use it or lose it!