Talking To Your Baby

How To Build a Strong Language Base For Your Child

Did you know that talking to your baby during pregnancy can actually begin developing your child’s literacy skills? Many researchers believe that when expectant moms begin to talk to baby while he or she is still in the womb, that this is the very first step in the infant’s development of language.

There’s no doubt that babies recognize the sound of their mother’s voice from the womb - perhaps that early familiarity enables baby to focus on faster bonding and more rapid recognition of language after birth.

Talk To Baby!

Once a baby is born, they will not only take in the auditory sound of words from their parents, but they’ll also begin to observe both gestures and various facial expressions.

Babies soak up learning like a sponge, and begin at birth to learn sights and sounds with the intent to imitate what they see and hear. It’s all a part of the natural process of human young figuring out how human beings communicate with one another.

With each repeated exposure, they learn to recognize how we use sentences and stories to share information with one another, and they will then attempt to do the same.

Talking To Infants Has Predictable Results

This fascinating truth emerges when we begin to see the story-telling emerge in the toddler months. You know what I mean - baby launches into a lengthy animated monologue complete with arm gestures and accompanying facial expressions - maintaining eye contact with you and silently begging you to give them your undivided attention!

In reality, it’s almost as if we can follow along when we see and hear their excitement in telling us “the whole scoop”. It’s kind of like watching a movie in another language - if you watch closely enough, you’ll feel like you know the story line, even if you don’t understand a word that’s being said.

It is now that the incredible power of narrative begins to show up - and it all began with baby watching you with eagle eyes, and soaking up everything he could possibly listen to you say.

Talking to your baby is powerful!

Talking To Your Baby:
Take Every Opportunity!

You can take many opportunities throughout every day - take them and start talking to your baby about anything and everything. It’s a super way to build baby’s early language foundation.

When you are going about your daily duties, such as preparing dinner, or washing the dishes, talk to baby and explain what you are doing. Babies will begin to recognize repeated words when parents maintain the habit of speaking to them whenever possible.

"Baby Talk" - Just For Baby

Of course, it’s a temptation to use what we call “baby talk” when speaking to very young babies and children.

Yet experts encourage parents to talk normally to children so that they can have exposure to the sounds of words spoken correctly. If you think about it, repeating baby lingo back to your baby (“quacker” for cracker, for example), only reinforces the mispronunciation of the word.

Occasional conversation using baby’s lingo isn’t the end of the world; the important thing to remember is that talking to infants frequently throughout every day is greatly beneficial.

In doing so, you will help to form that essential building block of literacy and language that every baby needs for optimum development.

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