Susan Boyle

Overcoming Disabilites / Inspiring Dreams

Susan Boyle, the rags to riches icon featured on an amateur talent show, has become a household name.

And not only because she sang the song: I Dreamed a Dream.

Susan took a critical step after she dreamed that dream. She believed
in it
and then she acted on it to make it a reality!

Boyle lived with disabilities, but that didn't stop her from dreaming.

She had one skill - one talent.

She stepped out to display that talent and overcame laughter, judgment, and preconceived stereotypes cloaked in cynicism.
(click the link below to see her debut in Britain's Got Talent - opens in a new window)

Her above audition went viral and was viewed by over 300 million people!

One Gift / One Dream / One Risk

One developed gift encased in one big dream and a willingness to take a risk and perform - resulted in an incredible overnight catapult to "household name".

Despite heat from her critics, Susan went on to confidently sing to a now supportive audience in the finals of Britain's Got Talent. Watch her stunning performance below.

What is it that you need to overcome? Let a simple, unemployed woman from the UK inspire you to dream your dream, act on it, and never, ever give up!