Specific Learning Disability

Testimonials of Change

A specific learning disability may display in a number of different ways. There may be a deficit in auditory learning (memory, auditory discrimination), visual perception, memory, or integration, short or long term memory retrieval, or processing speed issues.

You may see such results as:

  • Poor test taking
  • Forgetfulness
  • Difficulty with decoding or reading fluency
  • Trouble remembering what is heard
  • Slowness in completing homework or classwork
  • Math struggles
    ....and the list goes on and on.

Is There Help for Specific
Learning Disabilities?

With so many different factors, a "one-size fits all" program may not be that effective.

The difference with NILD (National Institute of Learning Development) Educational Therapy, is that the entire program is individualized and customized to meet the needs of the individual student.

Does it work?

Read just below of actual parents and students involved in Educational Therapy and note what they have to say about this brain-research based intervention:

Parent Testimonials

Last year, our daughter was a 2nd grader at (local private school). She was becoming very anxious and crying, whenever new material was introduced. We were baffled by her anxiety and finally began taking her to a counselor to help us determine what was causing this almost daily crying. After months of counseling, she was given a battery of aptitude tests. Finally, we had a clue to what the issue really was!

Her scores were all very high....
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My son was entering fourth grade when he started NILD therapy. Previously I had homeschooled him and had tried numerous reading curriculums each school year, but he still wasn't reading at the end of third grade. His printing was very poor...

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Our 16 year old daughter has Central Auditory Processing Disorder and was beginning to struggle in high school. Since she began the therapy sessions, we have seen.... Read More

Lisa Trost has proven to our family to be a wonderful and very effective therapist. My oldest daughter was struggling immensely with her reading and comprehension skills. She seemed to be so "down" on herself and quickly developing a very negative outlook, as it pertained to school...

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Do you suspect a specific learning disability in your child? Assessment and a customized program designed with a laser approach to strengthen deficit areas can be life-changing.

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