Some Types of Learning Disabilities

Some types of learning disabilities may display with anxiety (about schoolwork, going to school, homework, etc.) and intense frustration about academic activities.

Here is the continuation of the story of Sarah, a 3rd grader displaying these symptoms. The story began here, and we'll pick up the rest of the story now where the parents got the results back from her aptitude tests.

Sarah's Story

"Her scores were all very high - in the 90th percentile in all areas, except for one glaring exception - her processing speed was in the 21st percentile.

What this told us was she was extremely capable of learning the material, but her ability to process it was several years below her age. We were told a series of games, exercises and the like to do with her several times a week. We began this process and it seemed to help a little. At about this time, (my husband) gave me Lisa's card. It was nearing the end of the school year, and I thought - I will just keep working with Sarah over the summer and things will be good to go in third grade.

Fast forward to this past fall - Sarah begins 3rd grade and almost immediately the crying begins again when new material is introduced. I found Lisa's card, called, and we began seeing Lisa in September."

5 Months Later....

"It's now February and Sarah's anxiety is a thing of the past.

She works much faster at school and at home, her confidence is at an all time high and she has literally shot to the top of her class.

Her school conference was last week and her teacher (who has 21 years+ teaching experience!) said simply WOW! Her teacher handed me Sarah's results from her STAR reading level assessment - her reading level has jumped to a 6.6 - this is the equivalent of a sixth grader in their sixth month of school - WOW! "

Teacher Observations

Her teacher shared with me that she has seen Sarah's work speed pick up and her accuracy increase greatly in the last two months. Her math skills are now at a level where they are considering moving her up a math level next year.

I consider Lisa's work with Sarah to be the single largest contributing factor to her amazing progress.

Lisa is so positive, kind and patient when she works with Sarah, she has been a pleasure to get to know. I give Lisa my highest personal and professional recommendation - she's the best!"

L.D., M.S.
Counseling Psychologist
Lynchburg, VA

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