Sight Word Games

Sight word games can be super simple and may even be created for free. Want to know a fun, yet easy way to help kids learn some basic sight words? Here’s a great idea - label the items in your home. You kids will even enjoy helping you do the actual labeling as well.

You’ll need either some Post-It notes (sticky notes) or some small strips of paper, a pen, a pair of scissors, and some scotch tape. Then walk through each room of your home looking for some items you can label for your child to learn.

For instance, in the kitchen you might put tags on the microwave oven, cabinet, refrigerator, drawer, table, chair, and perhaps even forks, spoons and knives. When labeling the oven and the dishwasher, be aware that the heat output might affect the tape. You may either replace more often, or choose a spot where hot air doesn’t tend to escape.

You won’t soon run out of things to label. Try this: Keep a pad of notes of a stack of paper in the kitchen, and let your child help you label items from the grocery as you put them away. Cereal, fruit, vegetables, and meat and more, are all possibilities for naming. Tell your child that everything has a name - just like he does.

Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

Consistent repetition of basic sight words will help your young one recognize many words by sight, helping not only with letter recognition, but also give him or her a basic foundation for reading without yet getting into phonics. She’ll feel proud to begin to “know” certain words all by herself!

You can get very creative while learning sight words with your child. Your paper strips can be made into various sizes for different purposes.

Try this idea:
Put a label on the wooden bar that separates two windows and label it with the word “window”. If you have venetian blinds, you can attach the word “blinds” to a single blind so that it is easily readable when the blinds are closed. Expect laughter from your child when you open the blind and the label begins to disappear! And, if the blind is closed facing upward, he won’t be able to read it at all.

Learning Through Play Ideas
With Sight Word Games

You can combine this learning through play with flashcards, and ask your child to go and match the flashcard with your own homemade labels. She’ll enjoy showing you her new-found knowledge of words she has learned. If your child is more advanced, ask them to spell the item in question.

Be aware the labeling in the bathroom is more of a challenge because of the steam that is often present. You can still do it, though. Just be prepared to change the labels more often.

Possibly the biggest advantage to this type of sight word game is that your child will be learning through play. And we all know - it doesn’t feel like a chore to play!

Kids love to help cut paper and hang labels, and they’ll feel like it’s more like an exciting craft project than an educational activity. Yet he’ll still be building a foundation to a lifetime of literacy - all by playing sight word games in his very own home. That’s a hard combination to beat!