Reading Disability

A reading disability - especially when combined with other disabilities, can be disheartening and downright frustrating for all involved.

What Can Be Done About A Reading Disability?

Read below the continuation of a parent's story about her daughter and her struggles. The story begins here (Testimonial #4) where her daughter was slipping into a negative state of mind because of her frustration with academics.


We had her tested through a private psychologist and diagnosed with a processing learning disability. The psychologist told us in no uncertain terms that if we did not get help for our daughter the disability would continue to worsen.

Lisa suggested that my oldest would be a good candidate for the NILD program. While we were very hesitant at first, we enrolled her and prayed Lisa (through NILD techniques) would be able to help our daughter. We had tried the "tutoring" route to no avail many times.

Our daughter was in therapy for a little over 2 years when circumstances arose so that we had to take her out of therapy. At that time, our daughter had gained so very much from her therapy. She is a hard worker and a perfectionist, but her self-esteem was rock bottom when it came to reading and schoolwork prior to her therapy.

Therefore, she was very hard on herself during the first phases of her therapy. However, as therapy progressed, I literally watched my daughter's confidence soar and her willingness and interest toward reading was night and day.

She enjoyed her sessions and thought the world of "Miss Lisa". I am happy to say that she just finished the 6th grade where she had tremendous results. I truly believe that the NILD program, my daughter and Lisa deserve a lot of the credit for my daughter's success and for her positive outlook.

We were so impressed with both Lisa and the NILD program that we enrolled our other daughter. She also was struggling with reading and comprehension. She had a disability in processing just as her sister did. Once again, we knew she would need outside help and hired Lisa to come in and work with our daughter.

My daughter at first was very resistant to the NILD therapy (especially the rhythmic writing). In my opinion at first, she gave Lisa a hard time with the regiment of NILD. However over the 2.5 years my daughter was in therapy with Lisa, she started to relax and really "take in" what Lisa was teaching her. Lisa was wonderful with putting my daughter at ease and very positive about all of her therapy aspects. After 2.5 years, we made the decision due to family commitments and our schedules to remove (her) from NILD. She was doing fantastic in school and we watched her become more and more independent.
Our daughter's self-esteem soared and it was such a relief to us as her parents.

Both the girls told me on lots of different occasions that the "puzzles" at the end of a session was by far their favorite.

Thank you Lisa and NILD for what you did for my girls!