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5 Top Supplements To Improve Memory

In today’s toxic world, many people seek memory supplements to help boost the brain’s ability of recall. Since oxygenated blood has been shown to increase brain function, and increased blood flow gives greater brain efficiency, it makes sense to look at supplements that encourage this to take place.

Brain supplements generally work either by increasing that blood flow to this vital muscle, increasing the supply of red blood cells, or even decreasing factors that impede blood that is oxygen rich from getting to your brain.

Gingko Biloba

This herb has been used in the Asian culture for literally thousands of years to help a vast variety of ailments.

Here’s how it works: Gingko increases the flow of blood in all areas of the body. Because the blood vessels are now working more efficiently, precious nutrients and oxygen rich blood have an easier path to the brain. Higher efficiency = better brain function.

I researched this supplement extensively when my oldest son was a child – as he struggled greatly with both short and long term memory problems.

I learned that “cheaper is not necessarily better” – especially when it comes to purity of supplementation and the actually active ingredients in the product. I chose a particular brand of Gingko that was highly researched and tested, and gave it to my son. When he was taking the supplement, the difference in his memory for schoolwork was astounding.

Contact me for more info on this supplement if you are interested.

St. John’s Wort

Primarily used as an herbal antidepressant, St. John’s Wort may also be useful for memory issues. It’ s a common thread in many people who suffer with depression that there is some sort of memory loss – sometimes major. There are, however, some contraindications to this supplement – one of which is to avoid sunlight if you’re taking it.

Since this might not be realistic for children and some adults, you might opt to concentrate on other methods of improving brainpower.

Alpha-lipoic Acid

Alpha lipoic Acid is actually an antioxidant – working in the body to help neutralize free radicals, which cause the body to age faster and handle stress poorly.

What is unique about this particular vitamin is that it is active in both water and fat. So after zapping the free radicals, this antioxidant works by allowing more blood flow to reach even the far corners of the brain. This increased oxygen rich blood flow helps the memory to flourish.

Omega 3s Memory Supplement

We keep running into this supplement, and for good reason! Many scientists have studied DHA (or Docosahexanoic acid) and discovered that it is crucial for the functioning of brain cell membranes, which are responsible for transmitting brain signals. A shortage of Omega 3s can actually be dangerous – causing communication breakdowns in the brain, which in turn leads to memory loss in addition to the possibility of the loss of motor functioning.

This is another memory supplement that is often prescribed to people with depression, and is also extremely helpful for skin conditions, and memory, among other benefits. My two college age sons actually ASK for this supplement as they notice a distinct difference in their ability to recall information for tests, and to help them think with more clarity.

While everybody needs Omega 3s, the standard American diet (SAD) is so poor, that most people need a supplement. Fish is high in Omega 3s, and thus is usually called “brain food”. But some people don’t eat that much fish, or it might come from toxic waters. Be careful of the source of the fish oil – just as gingko above, the quality makes all the difference.Click here to learn more about high quality Omega 3s.

Peppermint Extract

Another of the popular supplements for memory is the common peppermint extract, or essential oil of peppermint. There are actually studies that show that peppermint oil opens up nasal passages, which in turn permits higher oxygen intake to the brain. (It is safe both to inhale as well as put on or in the body).Breathing more oxygen means more food for the brain. I often use this oil to smell when I’m driving long distances and need to stay alert and awake.

Taking advantage of some of these various memory supplements can have an amazing effect on your recall. They help increase the awareness of your surroundings, allow for greater processing of information and the increased ability to retain it. Remember to keep working out your brain, but strongly consider enhancing your memory with memory supplements that boost your brainpower.

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