Memory Exercises

Memory Exercises:
What You Can Do To Boost Memory Skills

Are there memory exercises just like physical exercises? Yes!

Just like physical exercise will boost your strength, mind exercise will give your memory a needed boost.

You can use both mental and physical exercise to help improve memory naturally, and increase the efficiency of your memory capacity. Let’s take a look at a few exercises or techniques to improve memory.

Physical Exercise to Boost Memory

Any kind of exercise you do to get your blood pumping will in turn increase that blood flow to your brain and help improve your memory. Yet there are also some specific exercises you can do that are particularly helpful.

Exercise that involves balancing will help stimulate memory because the mind must be actively engaged in order to stabilize the body. (This is one reason why educational therapy is so effective – Rhythmic writing, which is the core activity, requires a stabilized body and particular arm position while maintaining a multitasking activity on the chalkboard). The brain then becomes the direct path through which the limbs move.

Some other exercises in this realm would be a balance ball, table, or beam.

Oxygenate That Brain!

The more oxygen you intake, the more efficient the brain will function. All kinds of long distance sports, such as running, swimming, or track events, require the body to take in more oxygen. When this extra oxygen reaches the brain, it acts like giving more power to a light bulb. With this added power, your brain will then function more efficiently and will in turn, be able to store more information.Another simple technique to improve memory is to do physical movements in a different manner.

To try this out, just try golfing, batting or catching on your non-dominant side – even try it out playing ping-pong with your opposite hand! This will wake up your brain from complacency by requiring you to use your brainpower in unusual ways. You might even attempt to get dressed or grab a bowl of cereal with your eyes closed (if you’re brave enough to pour the milk that way)!

Memory Exercises to Improve Memory Naturally

Chunking, or putting chunks of information together, is a common method to improve short-term memory. Using chunking can help you to recall a short sequence of numbers, letters or ideas and increase your memory storage by doing so.A normal memory sequence for an adult is typically about 7 pieces of information – so we can see that telephone numbers are no coincidentally – 7 numbers in length! When data exceeds this, some new information may just replace some of the old. The problem is, you won’t know which old piece your new info replaced. (Aren’t you glad we have phone numbers stored in cell phones?)

Another useful technique is to use nonsense to remember things. You can create silly sentences of mnemonic devices to match the information you wish to recall, and your mind will often hang onto it better if it is nonsense. Some folks use this trick to recall directions or events in sequential order, and you may find it very helpful for recall on tests, or just to help organize your ideas and thoughts.

So whether you are working out or working a crossword puzzle, memory exercises will pay off if you are diligent in applying them. Your brain is a muscle – and it will become stronger and stronger with use. Work your body – work your brain - and improve memory naturally.

What are YOUR favorite memory exercises?

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