Improve Brain Memory

Quick Memory Tricks

Looking for simple ways to improve brain memory?

Well, whether you’re trying to recall the name of that business professional you just met, imprint on your brain the name of that amazing book you just heard about, or simply file away important information, there are some tips and tricks that will enhance your innate ability to both store and recall important information

Let’s talk about a few of the common memory-busters and what you can do about them.

Remembering Names

Do you find yourself sitting at an important dinner and wishing you could remember the name of your boss’ spouse? Here’s what to do the next time you are introduced to someone whose name you want to remember. Repeat the name right away. For example,

“Betty, it’s so nice to meet you!”

Then use the name a couple more times in a short time frame, such as then introducing them to your friends. For instance: “Susan, I want you to meet John’s wife, Betty.”

To further cement the connection, try to come up with some kind of distinct physical characteristic or even personality trait that begins with the same letter as their first name. For instance: Blond Betty or Betty Brain Surgeon. When you get home later, jot down his or her name along with any info you remember onto a piece of paper.


writing out by hand activates more brain cells than typing out information.

(Although the contact management system I use allows you to take notes on every individual or business contact and then pull all of that up at the push of a button!) You can really improve brain memory on steroids by combining several different modes of learning together.

Remembering Book Titles

It you can simply recall a word or two of the title, or the author’s last name, that’s usually enough to be able to retrieve what you need to find a book.

Another hint is to try to find a link between the book title and where you were when you first heard about it, create a type of word picture in your head about it, or associate it with the person who recommended it to you.

Remembering Passwords or PIN numbers

Improve memory naturally by adding importance

Choosing a password that has significance to you is probably the easiest way to remember. Although identity theft experts warn against using obvious numbers like your birth date or house number, you can select a combination of things such as your zip code combined with your year of birth.

You can also make the password unique for each site by adding onto the end of your password with the first letter of the site. For instance, for Barnes and Noble, you might have 89476B and for Sears, 89476S.

Improve Short Term Memory

Now where did I put my keys (wallet, cell phone)?

Some time experts claim that the average person wastes 60 minutes or more EACH DAY looking for misplaced items! Even more painful is to realize that this amounts to more than 10 full days out of our lives in just a year’s time! Ouch!

The simple answer is to make human tendencies work in your favor. We are creatures of habit – so always place your keys and wallet in the same location every time you walk into your house. In addition to that, actually talk to yourself out loud by saying something like: “I’m putting my keys in my purse right here on the couch”.

In that way, you have both a visual and audio cue, which will help to cement the action and location into your memory.

Forgetfulness is a common human tendency, but by giving more conscious attention to what you’re doing and how you’re filing information in your brain, you can improve brain memory, increase your retrieval skills and make remembering information both quicker and easier.

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