How To Improve Your Memory

Smart Phone Apps to Boost Memory

Like to know how to improve your memory with your multi-function smart phone? Believe it or not, these modern technological wonders can help you improve your memory – no need to carry around bulky books, notepads and other items to practice your mental skills – you can do this with your trusty Smart phone.

Let’s take a glance at the top 3 platforms in cell phone intelligence, the Iphone, Android and Blackberry Apps, and check out their memory enhancement features.

iPhone App

The majority of apps on the popular iPhone that focus on memory boosting are a type of memory matching games, similar to those played in card games. Let’s take a peek at iCue Memory Cards for a moment.

The award winning iCue Memory Cards are currently the only App carrying an official endorsement by the United States of America Memory Championship. This app is the same game found in the original card game.

How does iCue work to improve memory skills?

It requires concentrated focus and employs some of the most cutting edge memory improvement techniques we know of today. Can you imagine memorizing an complete deck of cards as you watch them being dealt? Spend some time with this iPhone app and amaze your friends!

Android App

Are you an Android phone fan? If so, then Blink is a great memory enhancing game for you. You’ll note first a sequence of blocks in various colors, where you’re expected to remember the pattern you saw. Similar to most typical video games, increased game levels bring greater game difficulty.

Now you’ll note random colorful blocks placed in random fashion across the entire screen – which you need to tap in sequence. And how to improve your memory with this game? Keep playing.... The higher the level, the more sneaky tricks those blocks seem to pull on you. While some note some eyestrain after so much game-playing, it remains a challenging and entertaining way to improve your memory.

Blackberry App

Are you old enough to remember the game, Simon? Well, this app called “Follow the Light” is a great childhood memorization game that is based on sounds and lights similar to the old favorite. The computer chooses a tone and a light, and the player’s job is to remember the specific sequence. The object is simple: continue to repeat the computer-generated pattern until you pass the level, or make an error.

As you continue to move up through the levels of difficulty, the tone sequences go faster, and the colors change at a higher rate of speed as well. Want to waltz again down memory lane? If so, be sure to snag this App for memory improvement!

Are there other iPhone Apps, Android Apps, and Blackberry Apps that have memory games? They certainly do, especially games designed particularly for children. The best way to find the perfect app for your phone (and youngster) is to go to your specific app store and search on the terms “memory” or “memory games”. Then simply download them and begin honing those memory skills today!

How to improve your memory? Use the technology on those Smartphone platforms and improve brain memory today.

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