How To Improve Memory

Top Ten Ways to Improve Memory Naturally

If you want to know how to improve memory, you can read books, take classes, go through training, etc., but there are also some small changes you can make in your everyday life that can accumulate into large gains in your ability to remember. Following are 10 powerful ways to improve your memory naturally.

Eat Healthy Brain Foods

Eating particular foods can increase your memory in a positive way. There is scientific evidence that shows that several foods, including cranberries, yellow fin tuna, spinach and the herb ginkgo biloba, are memory enhancers.

Breathe Deeply

Did you know that breathing deeply increases your brain’s ability to retain vital information? Deep breathing ushers oxygen to the brain, which causes an expansion of your blood vessels and heightens your senses. The more oxygen rich blood that flows into your brain cells, the more your memory is enhanced. And not only do you increase your mental storage, but in addition you will note a calming and stress-relief that is another great effect of deep breathing

Adequate Sleep

Your memory improves as a result of sleep because the brain actually processes information, and archives what you’ve taken in during your waking hours. When you move into REM (or rapid eye movement) sleep, your ever working brain begins to associate together the details of the info you’ve absorbed. Interestingly, this sometimes can result in odd dreams. Once your amazing brain has “connected the dots” of what you’ve encountered, it then stores that information to be pulled out later when needed.

Just Move!

Isn’t it amazing that movement can stimulate your memory? As an educational therapist that uses brain-based therapy techniques, I can attest to that. Simply getting up and out to exercise has also been shown to boost brainpower. There are also certain people who memorize facts more effectively by engaging in movement while learning.

One of my athletic young students could repeat her memorized keywords much more easily while jumping on a trampoline!(Our sessions were quite exciting).

Have Fun!

If you find a way to make the information you’re learning more entertaining, it will be easier to remember. For instance, you can make up a mnemonic, where you come up with a sentence or story using the first letter of the words or facts you’re hoping to recall later. (For instance, My Very Eager Mother Jogs Southward Until Nearly Pooped - is actually the first letters of the planets in order – including the now dishonored Pluto!)

Weave a story about particular happenings or do something goofy to help you to remember the details – it really works!

Practice Curiosity

Imagine you are a very young child again, and become curious once more about the world all around you. You’ll notice that you begin to observe your surroundings more often. Ask yourself questions such as “What if, how, and why”? and watch how your brain begins to absorb facts and info more readily.

Attach Emotion

If you think about your most burning memories, you’ll note that there is likely strong emotion attached to each. Scientists have uncovered that the reason for this is that when emotion is attached to a particular event, that time period is much more vividly recorded in your memory. Begin to attach emotion on purpose to what you remember, and watch your memory increase.

Attaching emotion? It's a surefire "how to improve memory" strategy. (Practice this with positive emotions for the greatest benefit).

Have A Conversation!

Well, this is good news for a lot of people – talking improves memory naturally! Well actually, deep conversation about a particular subject forces your brain to make your thoughts clear enough to translate those to another person – and thus connect the dots so the topic makes more sense.

Want to know an unusual how to improve memory tip?
Read on....

Just Get Lost

Here’s another way to improve memory naturally – get lost during your typical commute around town! This forces your brain to wake up and become more attentive to where you are. After one or more of such “getting lost” episodes, you’re likely more comfortable changing your route the next time. Your brain will begin to hunt for visual cues on which to hang your next turn and so forth.

Word Puzzles

This might be the first thing that comes to mind for some people – yet working puzzles is only one of the ways to improve your memory. If this isn’t your forte’, and word puzzles or Sudoku is not your idea of a good time, just remember that even limited exposure has the potential to increase your brain strength.

Working puzzles are similar to weight lifting for other muscle groups. Working out your brain will stretch its capacity to hold onto more information. It's a super how to improve memory activity.

Increasing your memory capacity is easier than you may think. How to improve memory? Try practicing these daily activities with a sense of purpose and improve your memory naturally.

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