Games To Improve Memory

Painless ways to Enhance Recall!

Remember the popular matching games to improve memory that you played as a child? Typically, you would flip over two cards from various places on the table and see if they matched. The trick was to try to remember which card was where, with the object of matching each pair until all the cards were face up.

Why did you play this game? To enhance your memory, of course! But you probably thought at the time that it was just for fun.

Let’s take a peek at a few memory games that children to adults can play to enhance their powers of recall.


Brain challenging puzzles can range from the classic floor versions to the newer, digital version of the Rubik’s Cube.

Puzzles require a higher level of thinking about how things work together, and what results take place when certain actions are taken. Simply by working puzzles, you expand the capacity of your brain to look at events and actions in a different light – which makes recall easier.

Spatial Awareness

While puzzles require you to think of future outcomes, spatial awareness keeps you firmly focused on the present and your surroundings. Activities that require this awareness, such as tennis or dodge ball, require you to focus on what is happening around you in the here and now.

With your focus this intent, it becomes nearly impossible to forget the moment you are in right now. When you are “living in the moment”, your brain is burning or processing information quickly - so you can move on to the next action you need to take.


A memory game that has become extremely popular, Sudoku keeps the mind engaged in a structured way. The player must ensure not to have duplicate numbers up, down, right, left or even diagonally.

The rules you must adhere to are rather strict, yet you still must figure out the correct order of things. This strengthens patterns of memory and understanding of how various rules work together.


Puzzlegrams can be a load of fun, but frazzling to the brain as well. Do you recall the picture of two faces, which transforms into a lovely vase when you can finally look at it with a different perspective? What about the smaller triangles you had to try to fit onto larger triangles – without any forms hanging over? These are puzzlegrams.

They are intense mind games to improve memory that require you to think “outside the box” and find non-obvious solutions. By requiring you to look at things a bit uniquely, the puzzles help to form more connections in the brain and will help with both retention of facts and memory skills.

Degrees Of Separation

From Joe Montana to Aaron Rodgers. Go.

Your job is to figure out where people fit in a related field (football in this example) and connect the dots. This can work with your circle of friends, musicians, artists, movie actors, or just about any field you can imagine. This memory game helps to improve long-term memory. By requiring your mind to recall data from long ago and pair it with more current mental compartments, your memory will more quickly pull up older acquired information.

So, the next time you realize your memory isn’t what it used to be, pull out some of these games to improve memory and figure out just how they work to build that muscle we call your brain.

* In case you’re distracted by the Joe Montana / Aaron Rodgers question – they are related because they both play(ed) in the NFL (National Football League) as quarterbacks. Montana has long since retired – Rodgers currently plays for the Green Bay Packers.

We want to hear what YOUR favorite memory games might be! Share them with us below - we'll all benefit!

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