Child Behavior Modification

Techniques That Help Parents

Child behavior modification involves the use of proven techniques that allow counselors and parents to change or modify the behavioral patterns of a child. Techniques that are used include reward systems or positive reinforcement in addition to consequences.

In the past, some form of punishment was typically used to address child behavior problems.

Consequences are much more effective than punishment.

In many cases, physical punishment is not effective. It can often make children even angrier. Diffusing anger is a goal that you, as a parent, will likely want to pursue.

Child behavior modification techniques vary according to the child’s age. There are numerous programs out there that you, the parent, can learn and use in your home.

What Happened To My Kid?

In most cases, inappropriate behaviors are learned over time. When they occur suddenly, it may seem as though your kid has become a stranger.

Finding out why he or she is acting out is one part of the three-step evaluation that many psychologists and teachers use.

3 Step Problem Solving

This simple process looks at 3 factors:

  • (1) what precedes the behaviors
  • (2) what behaviors are manifested
  • (3) the consequences of the behaviors.

Finding out what occurs directly before the behaviors can be helpful for parents. Those things are referred to as triggers.

Parents of children with emotional disorders often need to remove the triggers, whether it is a loud noise, a bright light or, in some of the worst cases, a touch.

The more common child behavior problems are those involve arguments with the parents. Bedtime is often a big argument. Curfews are sometimes arguing points for older children. So, bedtime, curfews or establishing rules often trigger arguments.

But parents cannot stop making rules.

It might seem that your children are testing every rule that you make.

The truth is that they are.

They are learning what the consequences of their behaviors will be.


It is natural for children to test rules, but they need them and subconsciously kids really want boundaries. They are not ready to be in control of their lives. They need to know that you are still in control.

Many child behavior problems arise as a result of too much freedom. Establishing and following a regular routine is one of the child behavior modification techniques that is sometimes necessary, particularly for younger children.

How Can I Help My Kid NOW?

If you have already consulted your doctor and you know that the child behavior problems you are dealing with are not caused by a physical problem, then you can be assured that the unacceptable behaviors can be stopped or changed. With the right child behavior modification program, you can learn how to change your child’s behavior, in a relatively short period of time. Just below is a link to a program that I as well as hundreds of other parents have found to be highly effective.

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