Benefits of Reading Aloud

Fun Activities To Make Reading Fun For Kids

There are numerous benefits of reading aloud to kids - and so many just plain fun activities that we can do with our own children (or grandchildren) to grow their excitement about the wonderful world of reading.

When reading becomes child’s play, it’s so much easier to encourage them to dive into literature and learn about other fascinating lives that people lead.

One of the best things we can do is to model the love of reading for our children, and encourage them to enjoy it for themselves. Their own intrinsic motivation is the best kind, and this can carry through their entire academic career.

Use creativity when reading to your child - ask him what his favorite part was after the story is finished. Then request that he draw his idea of that part of the story. Once the drawing is completed, ask him to explain what the picture shows and what happened in that part of the book. Either write down what he says (at the bottom of the artwork) or let him write it down himself if he is able.

Although it may seem simple to do, you are helping your child with summaries, comprehension, verbal, and visual motor skills - all inspired by the reading of a story book!

Guess Who?

Here’s a fun guessing game to play with your son or daughter when you’re reading a book. As you turn each page, ask her what she thinks is going on in that part of the story. Or ask what she thinks will happen next. If the answer is correct, she’ll be so proud of herself!

And if not?

Well, sometimes it gets so mixed up that the book turns into a super silly story and everybody is laughing! And we all know that giggling is a boatload of fun.

Cook Up A Delicious Reading Activity!
Learning Through Play

Cooking in the kitchen - using a cookbook to help develop reading skill - is a great way to reinforce learning and help your child feel important and grown up at the same time. You’ll want to take the opportunity to teach your child that the directions must be followed in order. Then you can appoint Johnny or Jill to read the recipe to you as you make the dish. Or reverse it later, and let them make it while you read it to them!

Without their awareness, they are learning skills of sequencing, measuring, following directions and cooperation -
all from a simple kitchen task performed side by side with you!

Of course, you’ll be there to help as needed. But think of all of the reading opportunities..reading labels on the baking items, differentiating between the baking soda and baking powder (and why it matters), and perhaps you’ll even choose the wrong ingredient by “mistake” and let your child correct you before your dish becomes a disaster....she’ll feel bright and very helpful in that case!

Amazing Benefits of Reading Aloud

Such simple things....but when you take the time to get your child pumped about things such as drawing pictures, making up silly stories, being your right hand chef in the kitchen and feeling like an important part of your world, you will inspire them to be more confident in themselves and motivated to soak up the world of books and reading.

And the benefits of reading aloud are only just beginning! So get creative, have fun with your kids, and laugh a lot - inspire your novice reader with a role model
they look up to and imitate - YOU!

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