Auditory Processing Disorder

An auditory processing disorder can make life very challenging for a student. School work will be more difficult, processing what someone says will be more of an effort, and self confidence can take a nose dive when a child or adolescent deals with this issue.

Following is the continuation of the story of a high school girl with Central Auditory Processing Disorder. Her mother tells their story beginning here,

(Testimonial # 3) and she continues their journey below.

"Since she (our daughter) began the therapy sessions, we have seen her level of confidence improve significantly.

Initially she was very hesitant to read in front of her peers and now she does not seem to mind at all. The quality of her writing assignments has also greatly improved. Her work is more well organized with fewer grammatical and punctuation errors.

Last year she performed well in all of her classes. As a result of this, she brought her GPA up quite a bit. Imagine how proud we were recently when she received a letter saying that she was eligible to take college level classes at our local college because of her high GPA (grade point average).

Our youngest daughter also has CAPD and is doing well in school but it is a comfort to know that NILD therapy is available if she ever begins to struggle."

C.B. Amherst, Virginia