Overcoming Learning Disabilities:
Help and Hope

Is overcoming learning disabilities really possible?

Are you a parent or a student who has run headlong into discouragement or hopelessness because of struggles to learn and retain information?

Take a long look at the picture above....

Ever felt like your "ocean of problems" is so deep, so wide - that you don't see how you'll ever get across to the other side?

Now look across the bridge.

Over there the grass is greener, the sky is bluer and the future is brighter and full of promise - but how will you ever make it there?

Does it seem like every time you start to make progress, the bottom falls out from under you?

Well, I am here to tell you that there is hope - great hope! I have seen many, many students cross that long bridge...often hesitant, sometimes fearful that the waves would sweep them off the landing...but they kept on going. And with their hard work, and proven techniques based on brain research, their confidence, self esteem and abilities grew stronger and healthier.

We have witnessed the reversal of dyslexia, increased focus in children with ADHD and ADD, strengthening of memory, increased processing speed (resulting in faster reading and writing), and even big turnarounds in those with a math disabiltiy.

I have created this site to bring you hope and to give you valuable information that will help you in your quest of overcoming learning disabilities.

Big changes in any area are not easy - they don't just happen because we wish them to be so. But when we combine sustained effort, encouragement, and brain research-based techniques to individual learning difficulties - the results over time can be dramatic!

I invite you to explore this site and learn all you can about learning struggles. It is most likely not a "lack of motivation" or a downright refusal to learn. There is a "root" problem behind the "fruit" or behavior that you observe.

Once you know where the difficulties lie, then a plan can be implemented based on individual needs.

Isn't it time we help individual students instead of expecting all people to learn in a traditional manner?

Mission Statement:

The purpose of this site is to empower parents and students of all ages to face tomorrow with confidence and competence in their ability to learn.

Welcome to Overcoming-Learning-Disabilities.com!

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